About this site's operator

Hullo! my name is Nikash SINGH and this site is my handiwork.
I'm a Designer, I'm an Open-Source-Software advocate, I'm a believer that the best things in life are free.


I've been contributing Design work for LibreOffice, and formerly OpenOffice.org, for about 5 years. My interest lies in presenting LibreOffice in the best possible light and breaking the perception that it is outdated or inferior software when compared to commercial alternatives. I contribute to lift the impression of quality in all areas where graphics make a difference.

I live in Sydney, Australia, where I'm a;

I'm a pretty easy-going guy, if there is something on this site that you want to use (and the license hasn't been made clear), or something you want made, just hit me up. I'm usually good for it. But time is never on my side, so please be patient with me.

Best regards,
Nik. 0050:110614tuNS.